Cara began her career as a massage therapist in 2005, after graduating from The White River School of Massage in Fayetteville, Arkansas.  Her work is deep and intuitive. As a folk herbalist, she creates her own herbal massage mediums to facilitate deep healing from within. She provides a warm and comfortable space to receive massage, in hopes that her guests will consider it their safe space to relax and unfold. 

Her journey in holistic end-of-life care came to her in 2013, when she became a home funeral guide. Cara has attended several conferences concerning alternative death care hosted by The Funeral Consumers Alliance and The National Home Funeral Alliance.  Cara holds an officer position for Friends of Oak Hill Cemetery, advocating for the preservation of the historic local cemetery. 

In her free time, Cara can be found hiking with her dog Lola, rearranging her garden, spending time with her family, reading by the woodstove, mixing alchemy, taking a sauna, and planning future travel.