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Cara’s massage work and cupping is so much more than bodywork. She’s very strong, intentional and intuitive with her touch. I’ve experienced massage in many US cities, and internationally, and Cara stands out as one of the absolute best. We are so lucky to have her services available in north east Kansas.

Cara is an amazing massage therapist. She’s inclusive, knowledgeable, calm, professional and honestly, the best in the area. I highly recommend her services. She also uses amazing herbal infused oils, cupping and hot towels. Her space is clean, quiet and beautiful.

I was initially daunted by the prospect of planning a 4-day vacation with my parents, daughter and I in a place I was unfamiliar with. We had similar but varying preferences for a vacation experience. Cara asked great questions and then presented a perfect itinerary for each day, including links for restaurants, scenic drives to nearby cities and activities that met all our preferences! It was amazing and a service that I will no doubt utilize again and recommend highly!

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