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Planting New Seeds & The Rainmaker

In the evening of the Spring Equinox, I had a meeting with two friends and decided to make yet, another change in my life. I will be moving my massage practice to Kaw Valley Massage located in the lower level of The Eldridge. Hotel. I believe here I will feel rooted and begin to flourish as a practitioner. In addition, I will begin my new position at Moon On The Meadow Farm this spring. This past year has taught me a lot, and I know now one thing I cannot get by without is structure. My energies need to hone in and take firm direction. I thrive on planning, routine, and putting things in their proper place. I am, like a good friend refers to herself, a small European Nation. Viva Scandinavia. I am excited to begin this new chapter and looking forward to rising with the sun daily and sinking my hands into a very tangible healing modality. A wise woman once told me, many people seeking to heal, end up here because the soil is rich and this is where the heart work is done. I love the thought process around this, collaborating heart work with receiving tangible results. Things that nourish our bodies and senses. What a gift I have been given to explore and grow within.

In other news, today I supported a family in my very first home funeral. The honor I feel to have witnessed such a beautiful family take with great care and initiative of caring for a man they loved so deeply is immeasurable. The moment I got the call, I was heading out onto the highway, as it began to softly rain; I realized the album I was listening to was titled Rainmaker. I had met with the wife earlier in the week and she claimed all she wanted, was for it to rain. She got her wish, and beautifully so. This song is dedicated to her beloved husband, a man that was truly cherished by the community. I will always think of him as the Rainmaker.

I feel truly humbled to have been a part of this and my doubts on whether I should've pursued the movement of Death Midwifery have been silenced. That being said, I also realized that this grassroots movement in taking control and caring for our dead, takes a village! I have had many people come to me in this past year since I began this journey professing their interests in this work, saying they are called to it. I would highly recommend to you, to them, to please explore that. This work cannot be done by just a few; this is the work of many. (Especially if you need and crave routine!) Please let me know if you would like more information. I received my training from Momdoulary, LLC, but I would also recommend the various intensive hands-on workshops that are held in several cities nationwide.

Hands on is always best, in my book.

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