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Light on the horizon

Baker Wetlands

As we move into winter, I am reminding myself that I can still see light on the horizon. The days will soon be longer and bring in more light. Our world and community will begin to heal and open up, and with that, we resume connections we might have forgotten we had or even needed. I for one, am looking forward to the next coming year and I hope you are as well.

I have moved into a new work studio. Over the past year, I have been called to simplify, and my new business model is quite simple. I have a private, quiet office located at 1017 Kentucky St. I am open 5 days a week to accommodate your schedule, with a booking system that I use solo. I adore my new space! It is warm and very peaceful. Within the week, all the final touches such as custom light filtering curtains and art will be hung. I am so excited to share this space with you!

This year I am offering online gift certificates. You can purchase them here.

Use Code FOXDEN2020 to receive $10 off.

Fox Den Prices:

60 Minute Session - $75

90 Minute Session - $105

NEW! Package Discounts!

Enjoy savings when prepaying for 4 sessions.

Pay Now for 60 Minute Sessions X 4

Pay Now for 90 Minute Sessions X 4

All sessions are based on time. Cupping can be incorporated into your session if desired.

Schedule now and let us find out what your body needs!

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